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Welcome to the Sidekick and Super Hero Awards

by Michael Judd

Ok here’s the history of the SASHAS as I know it. My name is Michael Judd, I am 50 years old (yep a geezer) and I am currently a part time cashier at a major home improvement store .  While working as a cashier I have made two movies, wrote and self-published five books, made two games, created all kinds of digital art, made a social networking site, a dating site, and lots of other cool things. I am not telling you this because I am tooting my own horn, I am doing these things to help inspire people of all ages, to show people what can be accomplished for little money and a lot of hard work. I am a part time cashier and if I can do these things anyone can. (one of my games, a fantasy card game can be seen in my Outer Space Boy movie)

One of the movies I made was a full length feature mock-documentary about super heroes titled Outer Space Boy – a super hero story. The SASHAs or Sidekick and Super Hero Awards were first referenced in Outer Space Boy – a super hero story, and since then I have decided to turn the SASHAs into real fan based awards. These are awards that celebrate heroes and super heroes in all media. The SASHAS celebrate fictional and real heroes, but we do not celebrate villains. A note on Outer Space Boy – I had no crew, no producers, no make-up, my friend Loretta helped me with some of the wardrobe, and I had no money. I virtually produced Outer Space Boy all by myself. If I can do it with no money and no help, you can.

How the SASHAs work.  In the case of 2013, the first voting year, I will  choose the nominations for each category ( see SASHA rules and category buttons above) In March 2013 people all over the country can vote on the nominations, and the winners receive the awards. In 2014 it will be a little different. I will have Hashers which are people that will hash out the nominations for 2014.

What are the actual awards? Heck I am a poor cashier, so I am trying to figure that one out. One of the points I am trying to show here is that don’t be afraid to do it, even if you don’t have all the answers. Keep checking up, and I will let you know when I know.

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