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Obviously it is impossible for me to really know how much each person chosen to be a Hasher knows about super heroes, so I will have to take some steps to weed out people that aren’t going to take this serious.

Step one – Be 18 years old or older. The reason is  some of the content from some of the novels, graphic novels and such might contain nudity or sex, or adult situations. Even though I don’t show it, the content may be talked about among the Hashers.

Step two – Click HERE and fill out a really basic entry form. Please put why you want to be a Hasher, a nickname you might want as a Hasher,  and your age. Along with what genres you are most knowledgeable about. You can only pick up to two categories.

  1. Movies
  2. Games
  3. TV/Internet
  4. Comic Books
  5. Novels/Graphic Novels

 The first category you pick will be your primary category.

Step three – Wait for an e-mail from me. If you are chosen, I will e-mail you a link and a login to a forum only and social site only for the Hashers. A chat room will be included only for the Hashers and you can start hashing it out with other Hashers. Don’t fret, I will probably approve most people, and unless you are really a jerk, and know little about super heroes, you’ll be cool. From that point on I will be able to contact you with new and exciting updates. If you are rude, or mean, or an ass in the forums, you will be banned, and your vote will not be counted. This is for serious super hero fans only.

Rules for Hashers

As a Hasher you will responsible for helping hash out which characters will be nominated for the world wide voting in early 2015. (see rules for dates) There is a forum available for Hashers, and only for Hashers. The login is only be for approved Hashers, and not their friends or family or anybody else not approved.

A Hasher can only be approved for up to two categories, and those categories are:

  1. Movies
  2. Games
  3. TV/Internet
  4. Comics
  5. Novels/Graphic Novels

The first category you choose will be your primary category. Although you can hash out the nominees in any category throughout the year, when voting comes, you will only be able to vote on the nominees in your primary category. If there are not enough voters in your secondary, you will also get to vote in that category also.

Master Hashers: These are the Hashers that kind of move along each category. I will pick a few out of each category to help me run this whole thing.

Awards. I have gone over and over in my head what the awards for the winners should be, then it occurred to me, let’s have the Hashers decide what the awards should be. So this is how it works. Whichever category a Hasher is in, such as Movies, then all of the Hashers will decide what the award for that category will be. A tropy? A certificate? A T-shirt? It’s up to the Hashers for that category to decide. Of course I have the power to overturn that decision if it is an unrealistic goal. (like a solid gold statue) The deadline for the decision of the award will be September 19, 2014. At which point I will start making it happen.

Non-membership. Being a Hasher does not mean that you are a member of Renegade Dragon Productions or its affiliates. Basically it gives you the opportunity to vote on your favorite heroes, and meet other fans.

There will be a zero tolerance for bullying, berating, or meanness in the forum. It is ok to disagree, even argue, but civility is a must. We are celebrating the virtues of heroes, we don’t want to be villains.

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